Nutrition for children is essential for proper growth, health, and Mental and Physical Fitness.

Fast food, schools, and parents are improving their views of the importance of nutritional meals.

Take a look at several foods that need to be given in moderation. None of the following foods needs to be completely avoided but closely monitored.

1.) Chips – Potato chips are easy and accessible and are often a lunch time option.

2.) Soda – Parents who drink soda often have children who ask – sometimes it is hard to say no.

3.) Sugar Cereals – This is an empty calorie landslide with little nutritional value – some mandated vitamins are placed within, this only helps minimally.

4.) French Fries – Whether at a restaurant or going through a drive-through, some parents are choicing other options – but fries still are one of the most common foods for children [and adults].



5.) Toaster Pastries – Fruit is largely lacking in these processed foods with large amount of fats.

6.) Doughnuts – Often convenience is a parent’s goal and little is more convenient than a doughnut either pre-packaged or bought from a bakery. A high calorie breakfast with little nutritional value is the only thing found.

7.) Greasy foods – Unfortunately this could be a list in of itself; hamburgers, chicken, chicken nuggets, fish, all fried or packaged around grease to improve the taste and limit the nutritional value

8.) Candy – Often overlooked as a food group, but for children and some parents it often can be #1. Holidays, birthdays, parties, and any other excuse to allow candy is almost never missed.

9.) Ice Cream and Cake – Goes hand in hand for birthday parties or otherwise. Low sugar, low fat, and small portions can help curb these problems

10.) Fruit Juices – Very low nutritional value but often mistaken for a good choice other than cool-aid or soda. The trick is many have very little natural fruit, but this can be deceiving.

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10 Disastrous Foods for Children, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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2 Responses to “10 Disastrous Foods for Children”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Nuts! There goes half of our diet! 🙂

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  2. Kelly Says:

    ***! leave the **** kids alone! kids want to eat candy cake and ice cream and stuff like that! the way ur writing this sounds like ur forbidding kids to eat that stuff! u dont do this! u portion the candy or watever they eat but not to fricken much kids usually have higher motabalisims! WTF! let kids eat sweets and encourage healthy food! *** U FRICKEN IDIOTS PISS ME OFF!

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