10 Unhealthy Foods for Children

Nutrition for children is essential for proper growth, health, and Mental and Physical Fitness. Unhealthy foods for children is a prime area for commercials, marketing, Television, Movies, and more.

Often, children are allowed to eat more unhealthy foods, because we believe they are growing and they are getting enough exercise. But, more often than not, this is an untruth. Weight gain, lack of fitness, increasing BMI, and other conditions can affect children as often as adults.

Fast food, schools, and parents are improving their views of the importance of nutritional meals regarding unhealthy foods for children.

Let’s take a look at several foods that need to be given in moderation. None of the following foods needs to be completely avoided but closely monitored.

Largely Unhealthy Foods:

1.) Chips – Potato chips are easy and accessible and are often a lunch time option.

2.) Soda – Parents who drink soda often have children who ask – sometimes it is hard to say no.

3.) Sugar Cereals – This is an empty calorie landslide with little nutritional value – some mandated vitamins are placed within, this only helps minimally.

4.) French Fries – Whether at a restaurant or going through a drive-through, some parents are choosing other options – but fries still are one of the most common foods for children [and adults].

5.) Toaster Pastries – Fruit is largely lacking in these processed foods with large amount of fats.

6.) Doughnuts – Often convenience is a parent’s goal and little is more convenient than a doughnut either pre-packaged or bought from a bakery. A high calorie breakfast with little nutritional value is the only thing found.

7.) Greasy foods – Unfortunately this could be a list in of itself; hamburgers, chicken, chicken nuggets, fish, all fried or packaged around grease to improve the taste and limit the nutritional value

8.) Candy – Often overlooked as a food group, but for children and some parents it often can be #1. Holidays, birthdays, parties, and any other excuse to allow candy is almost never missed.

9.) Ice Cream and Cake – Goes hand in hand for birthday parties or otherwise. Low sugar, low fat, and small portions can help curb these problems

10.) Fruit Juices – Very low nutritional value but often mistaken for a good choice other than cool-aid or soda. The trick is many have very little natural fruit, but this can be deceiving.

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