12 Helpful Hints About Running

Running is one of the most cardiac beneficial exercises out there. Additionally, it can help with weight loss, health, happiness, thinking, and many more benefits. Often, the other benefits of running are overlooked. Let’s look at some Helpful Hints About Running.

Whether you are preparing to start running again, doing a 5 k, 10 k, Half Marathon, Marathon, Tough Mudder, or other – preparation is one of the most important things to success.

The following are some Helpful hints to help you return to running or continue running.

12 Helpful Hints About Running:

1.)  Time – running is about putting in the time. That is all it is. If it takes you 15 minutes or 4 minutes to run a mile – put in the time.

2.)  Get Good Equipment – Shoes, shorts, socks, food, water – get the good stuff [not always the expensive stuff].

3.)  Run Inside and Outside – Running everyday can get boring…and often excuses are made according to weather – running inside and outside to change tempo and the view can be refreshing.

4.)  Run Up a Hill, on Flat Surfaces, and Down a Hill – This doesn’t mean a small hill either. Take the time and find a good spot and train. On race day, you never know what you are going to encounter.

5.)  Travel to Run – Try out new places and new courses…when you know how far you have run [or how far you have to go] it can make running more difficult..try a new place.

6.)  Stretch –  I have never stretched before a run [though I should] but we all need to stretch after a run. It allows your body to heal or recuperate better and more fully.

7.)  Have a Running Partner – Run with someone or train with someone – the difference is that they may not be with you every day or even ever…but you can still share goals and stories.  Get a friend or find a new one!!!

8.)  Plenty of Fluids and Food – Find good and healthy training foods  –  They will prevent injury, fatigue, nausea, and dehydration.

9.)  Music – Get a play-list of music and run the miles away while listening to your favorite band or songs. If you love to think rather then listen – this one is not for you.

10.)  Set a Goal –  Start today…make the plans…then make it happen.

12.)  Be Mindful of the Outhouses and Other Bathrooms – You evolve into a runner when a potty break occurs regularly while running…but be careful…you don’t want to be somewhere unprepared!!  (You might want to bring a pocketful of toilet paper)

12.)  Run for a Reason –  whether for yourself or another – running for a purpose can be fun and powerful. Find a special benefit race, join a group, run for a friend. Knowing you have others on your team is immensely beneficial.

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