13 Complications of Diabetes

Let’s face it: Diabetes IS an Epidemic. There are millions of people who suffer from Diabetes world wide. Whether it is Type I Diabetes or Type II Diabetes it doesn’t make much different. This article will look at the 13 Primary Complications of Diabetes.

Granted, there are a lot of difference between the 2 type of Diabetes. But there are many complications of diabetes.

Type I Diabetes largely affect children and young adults. These individuals are unable to make insulin, which is produced from the Pancreas.  Therefore they often need a medication of synthetic Insulin to replace what has been lost.

Type II Diabetes is much more common and is often closely affected by obesity. Type II can be described as a decrease in the amount of insulin [Relative Insulin Deficiency] and a difficulty to have the insulin entering the cells [Insulin Resistance].

13 Complications of Diabetes:

1.)  Eye complications

High blood sugar can drastically change the eye’s ability to see, and even more complications can occur. For example: Retinopathy is a disorder of the retina.

Other eye complications include: Loss of eye sight, Cataracts (60% more likely to get Cataracts when diabetic), Glaucoma (40% more like to get glaucoma when diabetic)

Learn more about the Anatomy of the Eye

2.)  Foot Complications

There are several foot complications that can occur. This includes: Callous, skin changes, Neuropathy, ulcers, and other problems. Additionally, poor circulation and amputations can be seen.

Learn more about Foot Complications here: Foot Care and Diabetes

3.)  Skin changes

The skin is a large aspect of your health. Changes caused by Diabetes can significant affect the look, texture, swelling and more. Increased fungal, bacterial, rashes and other skin changes can be seen.

4.)  Heart Disease

Changes to the heart are a huge risk in Diabetes. HA1c checks blood sugar should be monitored and maintained.

Increased Lipids are at a risk. [Cholesterol and Triglycerides need to be maintained.] This also means the risk for heart attack is higher with those with Diabetes. Weight gain, poor health, and other risks are included.

5.)  Hypertension

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is also associated with heart attack risks. Increased blood pressure can be seen. This can cause additional problems to the heart and the kidneys along with other organs.

6.) Depression and Stress

Depression can occur with any Chronic disease. Since there is an increase prevalence of Diabetes – this is no exception. Stress about the limitations of this disease, poor control, body changes, and taking medications can be taxing on the body.

7.)  Ketoacidosis

This condition is where there are Ketones that produced when body burns fat instead of glucose. This can happen when there are changes in the blood sugar.

When there are a dangerously high levels that are seen, this can lead to stroke and death. Additionally, this can affect  kidneys and other organ damage.

8.)  Hyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome  (HHNS)

This occurs when there is an Elevated blood sugar levels rise dangerously. This outcome can have significantly damaging effects. It is a rare but dangerous complication.

9.)  Neuropathy  (Nerve Damage)

Changes in the nerves, even nerve damage can happen in the presence of Diabetes and elevated blood glucose. Damaged nerves can happen in the eye, the extremities, and the legs.

10.)  Kidney Disease  (Nephropathy)

Kidney damage and disease can occur when high blood sugar can overwork the kidneys, causing them to stop working properly. This is the silent killer of Diabetes because often minimal to no symptoms are present.

11.)  Peripheral Arterial Disease  (PAD)

Blood vessels in the legs can become narrowed or blocked by fatty deposits and blood flow to your feet and legs decreases. This will increase your risk for heart attack and stroke.

12.)  Stroke

An increase risk for Stroke can be seen in those with Diabetes. It is a combination of poor health, elevated cholesterol, blood clots, elevated blood sugar and more.

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