14 Essential Health Tips to be Healthier and Happier

Healthy living should be an essential part of our day and here are 14 health tips to be healthier. Some of these basic ideas can be put into place today, on a daily, and/or on a weekly basis.

A respected friend recently told me “we choose to make a choice or choose to remain choice-less“.

Here are the 14 tips:

1.)  Move more

2.)  Cut fat from your diet

3.)  Quit smoking

4.)  Reduce stress

5.)  Protect yourself against pollution

6.)  Wear your seat belt

7.)  Brush and Floss your teeth

8.)  Avoid excess drinking

9.)  Keep a positive outlook

10)  Get 8 hours of sleep

11.)  Take a break or vacation or take a step back

12.)  Own a pet

13.)  Choose good friends that nurture you

14.)  Be adventurous and try something new

If you have more…add them to our comment section.

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