16 Hints to Become a Better Runner

Running is one of the most controversial exercises out there. Running too early or too late is always scrutinized. But, there aren’t too many exercises that can be as beneficial both to your body, mind, and spirit as running. This post is designed to help you become a better runner.

As with trying or retrying anything new – the first month is the worse. But if you can get past that – you can really come to love running.

Below is a list of suggestions to help you become a better runner and to enjoy it so much more.

1.)  Time

–  Running is about putting in the time. That is all it is. If it takes you 15 minutes or 4 minutes to run a mile – put in the time.
–  There are no short cuts for this. If you don’t put in the time…you’ll never become a good runner.

2.)  Get good equipment

–  Shoes, shorts, socks, food, water – get the good stuff [not always the expensive stuff].
–  A watch – this helps you set distances and times when you are running.

3.)  Running inside and outside

–  Running everyday can get boring…and often excuses are made according to poor weather.
–  Try changing it up to  inside and/or outside to change tempo and the view can be refreshing.

4.)  Run short distance, long distances, and even add in some walking.

–  Change your routine.
–  Don’t run 5 miles everyday.  Add in some sprints.  Time yourself in between and change the distance.
–  Have a long run every few weeks.

5.)  Travel to run

–  Try out new places and new courses…when you know how far you have run [or how far you have to go] it can make running more difficult.
–  While on vacation – run near the beach or in the mountains.  Make the plans as part of your schedule.

6.)  Enter into races, fun runs, and try something difficult

–  First….don’t worry about your time.
–  Just do it for the fun of it.
–  There is nothing better than standing with hundreds or thousands before a race.
–  It will make you want to push harder.

7.)  Stretch

–  Stretch before and after your run.
–  You might be less inclined to do this if you are running a quick mile.  But as you get older…it becomes more important.
–  But don’t get tricked into thinking that you are too young to run.
–  An injury will set back weeks, months, and maybe years of exercise.
–  Stretching also allows your body to heal and recuperate better and more fully.

8.)  Have a running partner

–  Run or train with someone you know or don’t know.
–  Join a running club or a group of friends.
–  You might not be able or want to run with them every time…but occasionally is better than never.

9.)  What happens if you don’t have enough time?

–  This is a tough one.
–  Often we think we don’t have enough time and our planning is our problem
–  Plan better.
–  If you don’t have time to run 5 miles – run 1. Make if fast and furious.
–  Or go run five or ten sprints.

10.)  Plenty of fluids and food

–  Find good and healthy training foods.
–  Don’t always run so you can have that soda or coffee everyday.
–  Find some food that will help you to your goal.
–  Healthy food and staying hydrated will often prevent injury, fatigue, nausea, and dehydration.

11.)  Music and No Music

–  Get a play-list of music and run the miles away while listening to your favorite band or songs.
–  If you love to think rather then listen – this one is not for you.
–  If you always listen to music…stop for a day a week and enjoy what you are doing.

12.)  Set a goal

–  Start today…make the plans…then make it happen.
–  Understand that it is hard for everyone to start running, but if you plan for it, it might become easier.
–  Once you start though…it will be hard to stop.
–  Don’t get discouraged – someone will always run faster and slower than you, but that doesn’t matter, do it for yourself.

13.)  Be mindful of the outhouses and bathrooms

–  If you become a serious runner, bathroom breaks will become essential at least once.
–  You certainly don’t want to be somewhere unprepared!!
–  For certain people, their run may be centered around a bathroom, don’t let this stop you!

14.)  Run for a reason

–  Whether for yourself or another – running for a purpose can be fun and powerful.
–  Run for cancer, or for a friend, run to be smarter, or healthier, make goals, or run to have more time with your family – long term.

15.)  Rest

–  Running can be taxing on the body.
–  Sometimes rest is just as profitable as running.
–  Have a rest day or two or maybe three to help prevent injury and to recuperate.

16.)  Try different exercises

–  Running is great but add in different things if you are feeling the heat.
–  Walking is perfectly alright.
–  Add in swimming, biking, cross fit, weight lifting, sports and more.
–  These things could actually make you a better runner in the long run.  (pun intended)

Running brings out a healthier you

Shedding the weight or even improving your health can be obtained by running.  Starting to run today can have dramatic and life long benefits to your appearance, emotions, and your overall physical and mental health.

Often your Nutrition will improve because by running often you want to put better foods into your body.

Exercise is always a first line of treatment to several medical conditions.

Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, High Cholesterol and Heart Attack are just a few disease that can be improved and often prevented by getting a bit of exercise.

Depression, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and much more can also help clear your mind and make you feel better.

Best of luck at becoming a better runner.

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