20 Healthy Habits for Wellness and a Better Life

Healthy Habits:  The following 20 items will help almost anyone get more out of life. Often we are too busy, too focused, and too far from reality to understand how much we need to decompress and find balance. Happiness and Health are necessary for a productive and successful life. Make it a priority to treating yourself right this year.

20 Healthy Habits for Wellness and a Better Life

1.)  Wake up early

2.)  Eat Breakfast

3.)  Drink Water often in the Morning

4.)  Help others

5.)  Go into nature twice a week, or more.

6.)  Take breaks away from your phone

7.)  Cook meals at home (Dinner) four or more times a week.

8.)  Try planning Date night once a month

9.)  15 minutes of Mediation a day

10.)  Read one book a month

11.)  Get rid of excess items

12.)  Improve your organization skills

13.)  Go to bed on time

14.)  Get 6-8 hours of sleep

15.)  Exercise daily – three times a week moderate exercising

16.)  Eat Healthy – most of the time

17.)  Take your Vitamins

18.)  Take a break – during the day, away from others, vacations (Make it a priority)

19.)  Laugh every day

20.)  Love yourself


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