6 Dead in State of Washington Due to Coronavirus

There are six dead in the State of Washington from the coronavirus, according to health officials. 18 total confirmed cases have been seen in that state as well. This joins the 50+ cases confirmed and 50 others that are presumed in the United States.

In the state of Washington, it has been reported that a person has died from coronavirus in Snohomish County, according to Heather Thomas, a spokesperson with the Snohomish Health District. No additional details were immediately available from the health district.

Another five people have reportedly died in King County, according to Jeffrey Duchin, a public health official with the county.

Cases in the United States

There are believed to be 100 total cases of the coronavirus in the United States, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as state and local governments.

According to the CDC, there are 48 cases from repatriated citizens. This includes presumptive positive cases that tested positive in a public health lab. Some of these cases are pending confirmation testing from the CDC.

Here’s a breakdown of the 52 Confirmed US Cases:

–  Arizona – 1
–  California – 18
–  Florida — 2
–  Illinois — 4
–  Massachusetts —1
–  New York — 1
–  Oregon — 3
–  Rhode Island — 2
–  Washington state — 18 (includes 6 fatalities)
–  Wisconsin — 1
–  New Hampshire — 1

Developments Around the World

1.)  Canada: Has at least 27 cases

2.)  Worldwide:  3,000 Deaths and 88,000 cases

3.)  Italy:  A 50% increase in cases over the last few days

4.)  France:  Increased number of cases. The Louvre is currently closed due to concerns

5.)  Germany:  Significant number of increases in cases

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