Blastomycosis is a rare infection that occurs when someone inhales a fungal spore from Blastomyces dermatitidis. Often this type of fungus can be found in soil and wood.

Blastomycosis is typically found in the Southeastern, central (south), and Midwest of the United States. It can also be seen in some of the areas surrounding the Great Lakes, Canada, India, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.

Many individuals can be exposed to this fugal infection but only a small portion of those have adverse symptoms or a knowledge that they were in contact with this fungus.

Others can have a cough, experience Pneumonia with symptoms for months on end.

Very rarely complications can include spreading of the fungal infection to skin, Joints, Bone, and Prostate Gland.


Again, typically no symptoms are seen. But, when someone becomes symptomatic, the follow symptoms may be seen:

–  Cough  (may produce brown or bloody mucus)
–  Fatigue
–  Muscle pain
–  Fever
–  Joint pain
–  Night sweats
–  Rash
–  Shortness of breath
–  Sweating
–  Weight loss
–  Chest pain


–  Patients typically do well when if and when they begin treatment
–  If no treatment, symptoms can become serious enough, including death.


Antifungal Medications

.         Itraconaxole
.         Amphertericin