EndometriuimEndometrium is the lining of the Uterus and is important function during the Female Reproduction process.

It is the innermost glandular layer of tissue.

Function during Menstrual Cycle

  • This lining will thicken
  • Blood vessels enrich the wall
  • Addition of glandular tissue
  • Becomes optimal for potential Implantation of the egg when it arrives in the Uterus
  • If no implant occurs – this lining will be released.

Function during Pregnancy

  • Wall will continue to thicken
  • Blood vessels enlarge and increase in number.
  • The Placenta is formed
  • Oxygen and nutrients are brought to embryo.

The Endometrial Cycle

  • The lining goes through a cyclic regeneration process each month.
  • Endometrium is closely regulated or affected by Estrogen and Progesterone
  • Both are secreted in response to the release of an egg from the Ovaries.
  • The endometrium proliferates due to the increased amount of Estrogen.
  • Progesterone will also effect the layer or tissue in the Uterus.
  • When implantation occurs – the lining becomes known as decidua – which later become part of the placenta
  • The endometrium is now prepared for implantation.
  • The cycle of building the endometrial lining takes on average 28 days.
  • Different mammals are on different lengths of the cycle.
  • Seasons, stress, medications, drug use, and other factors can disrupt or change this cycle.


  • This is when the endometrial lining does not thicken.
  • Often associated with lack of hormones or other causes
  • No menstrual period is often the result


  • This is when the lining of the endometrium become atrophic
  • No continued mentstrual periods will occur.
  • Physically unable to become pregnant after this moment
  • Also related to hormones.

Oral Contraceptives

  • Medication to stop pregnancy
  • It specifically causes hormone changes that don’t allow for Endometrial growth.





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