meconium ileus


Meconium Ileus is when the Meconium becomes too thick to pass through the ileum it can become congested in the Ileum.

Meconium is the first stools expressed by a newborn infant.

Is typically a darker stool and is different than stool

This condition or disease is often seen in those who have Cystic Fibrosis

And for many individuals this may be the first “symptom” noted

Obstruction results within the intestines



Proximal to obstruction  –  Bowel is distended

Distal to obstruction  –  Bowel is narrow and empty



  • Bowel distension
  • Vomiting soon after birth
  • Constipation


By the numbers

  • 20% of cystic fibrosis individuals will experience meconium ileus
  • Most cases of this disease is by cystic fibrosis patients
  • Other causes exist as well and may be seen those with pancreas problems or no known problems
  • The presences of this disease does not point to the severity expected with cystic fibrosis



  • Depends on severity
  • Rectum stimulation
  • Water-soluble contrast enema
  • Contact a medical provider

*** – When patient has this symptom cystic fibrosis is the assumed cause until proven otherwise.

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