Secondary Lung Cancer

Secondary Lung Cancer is when there is Lung Cancer but the type of cancer did not originate in the lungs but rather it is an invasion from another source outside of the Lungs.

Typically metastases spreads to the lungs from cancers in the other part of the body. Technically almost any type of cancer can “move” to the lungs.

The cancer “arrives” to the lungs by the pulmonary artery. Usually this stage of cancer is very severe.

Likely associated cancers could be:

– Skin  (malignant melanoma)
Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer
– And others


–  Cough
–  Difficulty breathing
–  Fatigue
–  Loss of weight
*** symptoms are often not very specific


–  Imaging, and even labs are important.

–  Dependence is high on finding the original tumor or neoplasm

–  Surgical resection of the lung tumor is often required in individuals who can handle surgery.

–  If more than one tumor is present in the lungs, an increase in difficultly arises with surgical resection.

–  Palliative care may be appropriate