Uterus is an important organ in the function of the Female Reproductive System.

During gestation the fetus acts as the womb to allow for development of the fetus.

The uterus lies between the Ovaries and fallopian tubes on one side and the Cervix and Vagina on the other.



  • As the egg becomes fertilized it attaches to the wall of the uterus
  • The wall becomes the endometrium – which provides the adequate nutrition for a successful implantation
  • Uterus is an organ that during Pregnancy. can enlarge dramatically.


4 major segments

1.)  Fundus
2.)  Corpus
3.)  Cervix
4.)  Internal os


4 major layers

1.) Endometrium
2.) Myometrium
3.) Perimetrium
4.) Peritoneum


Position of the uterus is as follows:

Anteverted  – Tipped forward
Retroverted – Tipped backwards

Anteflexed  – Fundus points forward
Retroflexed – Fundus points backwards

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