Vitamin A

Vitamin A is part of the Retinoid Family.  Therefore, it is needed by the retina of the eye, the part that helps the light absorbing retinal.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble Vitamin.  Chemically this vitamin is broken down into an “ester” and a beta-ionone ring.  Night blindness may occur when consumption is not adequate with this vitamin.

Can be found in 2 types of forms in foods

1.)  Retinol – absorbed from animal sources

2.)  Carotenes

–   Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Xanthophyll types

–  These are then converted inside the body to Retinol

Sources include:

– Carrots
– Broccoli leaves
– Eggs
– Liver
– Spinach
– Peas
– Butter
– Many fruits
– others

Functions of vitamin A

– Vision
– Immune system
– Skin health
– Bone metabolism
– many others

Overdose can cause toxicity

Metabolic Functions

1.)  Bone Metabolism
2.)  Vision
3.)  Skin Health
4.)  Acne
5.)  Immune Function
6.)  Antioxidant Activity
7.)  Embryo development
8.)  Embryo function
9.)  others