Carcinoma of the Vulva

Typically seen in women over 50 yrs of age.

This cancer is rare form of cancer.

It is found on the external genitalia of a women. 
The tissue that surrounds the clitoris and vagina opening are affected.

Three main types of cancer are seen

1.)   Squamous Cell Carcinoma
2.)   Adenocarcinoma
3.)   Melonoma

In some cases, but not all, HPV has been associated with the cancer (16,18, and 31)

Grading system occurs referring to the severity of cancer [mild dysplasia to carcinoma in situ]

   -    Abnormal vaginal bleeding
   -    Itching
   -    Pain
   -    Burning
   -    Lump on Vulva
   -    Ulcers are sometimes found on external genitalia – last longer then 1 month

Biopsy is essential for diagnosis

   -    Topical chemotherapy
   -    Tissue removal
   -    Vulvectomy