A Recall of Swine Flu Vaccine May Be Problematic


Recalls are seen with Automobiles, toys, furniture and other material items but should we be concerned with a recall of the swine flu vaccine?

Especially at this time with the concern for the Swine Flu.

Today, hundreds of thousand Swine Flu Vaccines intended for young children have been recalled.

Sanofi Pasteur, a France based manufacture, is voluntarily recalling 800,000 doses intended for children between ages of 6 months to 35 months.

The vaccine where this dosing was manufactured was in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania

The reason for the recall is that post shipment testing has shown some lack of effectiveness and a decrease quantity of vaccine.  Hope still remains for many health officials that those who have been vaccinated will still become immunized. The positive note is that this recall was not caused by a concern for patient safety.

The cause appears to remain unknown.


Is the recall a concern?

Truthfully, recalls are important and necessary.  This appears to be a important way for companies to correct problems.  In this case, it would do no one any good to be vaccinated by this “batch” of vaccines because the end result wouldn’t be the expected or intended result.

The CDC strongly communicates that their is no children that have been or will be in any danger. This recall is for effectiveness only.

However, this recall may be problematic to the appearance of the importance of the vaccine as a whole. Concerns for safety, side effects, danger, and deaths will be on the forefront of the minds of those who read the headlines at a distance.


What should parents do?

The answer is nothing. No harm or foul has been seen and many Health officials believe that no additional vaccinations will be required.

Testing by the company are done on each “batch” of vaccines sent out and the findings were that the “vaccine containing as little as half of the recommended dosage” reported a spokesman of Sanofi Pasteur Len Lavenda.

The doses in question were shipped in November but findings of the failure of these vaccinations were found on December 7th.

CDC and the Food and Drug Administration were quickly informed and the recall was initiated.


Recommendations for Children under than the age of 9 but older than 3

–  2 flu shots are required to be protected – usually a full doses in each syringe


Recommendations for Children under than the age of 3

–  0.25 milliliter pre-fill syringes get two shots several weeks apart but they are only getting half the dose each time.

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