Actiq is a pain medication that is also known as Buccal Fentanyl.

It is used to treat breakthrough pain.

Breakthrough pain is the pain felt despite a current regimen of pain medications – often narcotics.

This medication is seen in patients that experience pains due to long term or significant cancer or other serious illnesses.

Fentanyl is a class of narcotics (opiate) analgesics that affects pain receptors in the Brain and Nervous System.

Actiq is when Buccal fentanyl is given as a Lozenge on a handle.

Fentroa is the same medication but in a tablet form that dissolves in the mouth.

This medication is a scheduled II controlled substance per the Controlled Substance Act.

Other uses for this medication include:

–  Migraine Headaches
–  Cluster Headaches
–  Severe back pain
–  Bone injuries
–  Severe Arthritis
–  Neuropathy

Abuse Potential of this Medication

Abuse of this medication occurs in many different settings.

On streets, during abuse, of this medication is known as “Morphine Lollipops”.


–  This medication is 80 times more potent than morphine.

Absorption by the body

–  This medication is absorbed through the buccal mucosa directly into the blood stream
–  25% is absorbed inside mouth
–  75% is absorbed into the Gastrointestinal Tract.
–  50% of total dose is metabolized by liver and becomes unavailable for pain relief.  [most of this is from the 75% of the dose that is absorbed in the GI tract.}

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