Actiq is a pain medication that is also known as Buccal Fentanyl. It is used to treat breakthrough pain.

Breakthrough pain, which is, the pain that occurs despite the current regimen of pain medications – often narcotics.

Actiq is seen in patients that experience pains due to long-term or significant cancer or other serious illnesses.

Fentanyl is a class of narcotics (Opiates) analgesics that can affect pain receptors in the Brain and Nervous System.

Actiq is when Buccal fentanyl is given as a Lozenge on a handle. Fentora is the same medication but in a tablet form that dissolves in the mouth.

This medication is a scheduled II controlled substance per the Controlled Substance Act.

Other uses for this medication include:

–  Migraine Headaches
–  Cluster Headaches
–  Severe back pain
–  Bone injuries
–  Severe Arthritis
–  Neuropathy

Abuse Potential of this Medication

Abuse of this medication occurs in many different settings. On the streets, during abuse, of this medication is known as “Morphine Lollipops”.


–  This medication is 80 times more potent than morphine.

Absorption by the body

–  This medication is absorbed through the buccal mucosa directly into the bloodstream.
–  25% is absorbed inside the mouth.
–  75% is absorbed into the Gastrointestinal Tract.
–  50% of the total dose is metabolized by the liver and becomes unavailable for pain relief.  [Most of this is from the 75% of the dose that is absorbed in the GI tract.]