gallstones1Acute Cholecystitis is when the Gallbladder or abdomen has significant pain following Inflammation that is most often caused by Gallstones.

Thickening of the gallbladder tissue or wall along with thickening of bile flowing into gallbladder.

Infection may follow in some cases.


  • Steady pain (can be severe)
  • Tenderness in epigastric region
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Leukocytosis

Pain precipitated by a fatty meal
Associated with gallstones in 90% of the cases
Stones impacted in cystic duct followed by inflammation

Charcots triad:

1.)  Fever & chills

2.)  Right upper quad pain (+ Murphys sign),

3.)  Jaundice



Ultrasound may be beneficial

CT is an important modality



No oral feedings

Pain medication


  • Zosyn
  • Cephlasporins
  • Unasyn
  • Timintin
  • Metronidazole [Flagyl]

Gallbladder removal through surgery

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