alcohol induced liver disease

Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease

Alcohol-Induced Liver disease is a condition that can be complex as it can be both Acute and Chronic inflammation of the liver.

There may be a possibility of necrosis of liver that is often induced by excess Alcohol. In many cases liver diseases can be reversible through treatment, preventative care, and life-style changes.

80% affected by Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease have consumed alcohol over 5 years. It is commonly seen in individuals prior to cirrhosis.

Hepatic Steatosis (Fatty Liver)

1.)  Fatty liver is seen in 10-15% of those who consume over 30g of alcohol daily for over 10 years.

2.)  Genetic factors may have some role

3.)  Other associated factors are obesity and hepatitis.


–  Enlarged liver
–  Nausea
–  Jaundice
–  Pain
–  Abdominal tenderness
–  Encephalopathy
–  Enlarged spleen
–  and others


1.) Liver biopsy may be appropriate for findings of fatty liver

2.) CT and MRI may be helpful


1.)  Stop consuming alcohol

2.)  Nutrition supplements may be necessary – thiamine, folic acid, Vitamins

3.)  Corticosteroids

Pentoxfylline  in serious cases

Other Information:

Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome it is important to add thiamine. This condition is closely related to Alcohol-Induced Liver Disease and further study of both conditions is important.