Are You at Risk for Having Kidney Problems Later in Life Because You’ve Had a Kidney Stone?

Capber_2007_Fig4Over 1 million individuals, in the United States, are affected by kidney stones each year.

Kidney Stones that result in pain in your Kidney, abdomen, or flank can be some of the worst pan that you can have. Just ask anyone whose ever had a kidney stone. But, does it put you at risk for kidney problems later in life?

But, does a kidney stone, cause damage or put you at risk for kidney problems in the future?

Historically, studies have looked at the reason why certain people get kidney stones and others don’t. Genetics are only partly to blame. Often kidney stones form when urine becomes too concentrated. This pushes substances together, such as calcium and other materials link together and soon crystallize. The resulting kidney stone begins.

Diet, of course, plays a significant role in kidney stone formation. Water intake, Sodium intake, Excessive caffeine or soda. – Just to mention a few.

Treatment for kidney stones often depend on the size of the stone and the amount of pain. Often, a recommendation to just let the stone pass is the most prudent. But in some cases, surgery is required.

After treatment – often patients forget about the kidney stone – at least until the next kidney stone presents itself.

kidney-stones-how-to-prevent-themRecently, there was a study that followed 3 million patients for several years after they had kidneys stones.

These patients were followed for an 11 year period.  What they found out was exciting and concerning. Those with a history of kidney stones —- are twice as likely to develop kidney problems and ever require dialysis or kidney transplants.

Women, especially under the age of 50, with a kidney stone history – were four times as likely to develop kidney failure.

The interesting thing to remember is that the overall number of those who had kidney problems in this study were very low.

If, for example, out of 3 million healthy individuals – later in life developed kidney problems was 100. Then from those numbers and according to this study 200 or so individuals with a kidney stone history would develop kidney problems in the future. Again, the overall number was very low. But kidney stone history does, according to the data, increase your risk.

Overall, the vast majority of those with kidney stones will never have any issues – but its an increased risk.

stone-4Prevention of kidney stones could be done by taking medications appropriately, avoid excessive sodium intake, drink more water, and exercise.

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