Artane is a medication that is commonly used for a variety of medical conditions. It is commonly known as Trihexyphenidyl. Other names may includeBenzhexol. This drug is found in the class of medications called Antimuscarinic.

The use of Artane has been dated back for several decades. It is considered an “antiparkinsonian medication“. It can be used as first line treatment or in addition (adjunct) with Levodopa with treatment of Parkinsonism.

Typically the medication is given at a lower dose and increased gradually. Abrupt stopping of this medication can result in a large increase of Parkinson’s symptoms and stopping the medication should be avoided.

Abuse potential: There is some risk of abuse as a stimulant and euphoria properties.


–  Parkinson’s Disease
–  Extrapyramidal side effects of some antipsychotic treatments
–  Improves conditions that result in spastic contractions

Method of Action

–  Not exactly understood
–  Blockage of parasympathetical structures by this drug
–  Stops spasm movements, dry eyes, and other symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
–  Binds to M1 muscarinic receptors

Side Effects

–  Headache
–  Fatigue
–  Dizziness
–  Agitation
–  Anxiety
–  Blurred Vision
–  Mydriasis
–  others

When not to use

1.)  Allergy or sensitivity to medication
2.)  Narrow Angle Glaucoma
3.)  Ileus
4.)  Under age 18

Use During Pregnancy

–   This medication has not been studied during pregnancy
–   Therefore, Safety has not been found