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Why does hair turn Grey?

The estimate is that a normal person has around 100,000 – 150,000 strands of hair on your head. That doesn’t take into account arm, back, leg, or genital hairs. The numbers could be twice that amount or more.

Hair is actually white pigments change the color. There are two types of pigments Dark (eumelanin) and light (phaeomelanin) These two pigments will blend together and create the individual hair color.

This can occur at any age. Part of this may have to do with genetics. If your Dad or Mom went gray at twenty you are at risk of doing the same thing.

Over time, as we age, the pigment aspect of the follicle starts to die. It may not be all at once or all the follicles at once. This turns the color or the hair loses color. The result may be grey, white, silver, or some combination.

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Should all women get a Mammogram?

Age and relevance continues to dominate the argument of mammography. Mammograms are a key way to diagnosis Breast Cancer. The essential “Facts About Breast Cancer” always include mammograms. Mammograms have been an important theme and has been promoted during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But for many women both young and old,the question regarding the importance of Mammograms continues to be dusted off.

Mammogram is a specialized X-ray that looks at Breast Tissue. Can be done as a routine screening or following a breast exam finding a concerning nodule.

So the answer is Yes

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Should boys and girls be given a vaccination for HPV?

Gardasil is one of the few available vaccines for HPV. Human Papillomavirus or more commonly known as HPV is a virus that is sexually transmitted. It has several types, but only a few types have been directly linked to cervical cancer.

Recently the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted and approved the use of Cervarix for girls 11 and 12.

Gardasil has been approved for use since 2006.

Cervarix was approved by the Food and Drug Administration on October 16th

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Should I choose to have a C-Section?

Recently I spoke with a women who was not very far along in her Pregnancy. We discussed several issues such as: how long she had been trying, what she was giving up, her “planned pregnancy“, her worries, her symptoms, and other concerns. Then she threw me for a loop by saying that she was planning on having a C-section rather than vaginal delivery because she didn’t want to go through the pains of childbirth Childbirth.

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