Azathioprine is a medication in the class of drug that are used as an immunosuppressant that is often used in autoimmune diseases.

A pro-drug that metabolizes into other compounds that are effective in treatment.

Becomes 6-Mercaptopurine and 6-Thioinosinic acid

This medication is also called  [Imuran and Azasan]

Most Common Uses:

1.)  Crohn’s Disease
2.)  Ulcerative Colitis
3.)  Multiple Sclerosis
4.)  Rheumatoid Arthritis

Method of Action

–  Action works as a Purine synthesis Inhibitor
–  Stops or slows some cellular action
–  Works specifically with DNA and RNA

Side Effects

–  Nausea
–  Vomiting
–  Rash
–  Decreases bone marrow growth
–  Hair loss
–  other

Use during Pregnancy

Can be used on rare occasions during pregnancy when the benefit outweighs the risk