Is a condition of enlarged prostate in middle age and older men

The prostate becomes so enlarged that urination becomes difficult

The enlargement is considered as hyperplasia rather then hypertrophy

A prostate antigen is often elevated due to size of this organ

BPH is not caused by cancer and is not considered a premalignant condition and therefore will not become prostate cancer

50% of men have some prostate growth by age 50
75% of men have prostate growth by age 80
But only 40% have symptoms and need treatment.


   -  Painful urination
   -  Burning to urinate
   -  Urinary frequency
   -  Frequency of urination at night
   -  Hesitation – taking awhile to start urination
   -  Intermittency
   -  Difficulty to urinate
   -  Urinary retention
   -  Increase risk for Urinary Tract infections

Rectal exam and blood work are essential in diagnosis


   -  Alpha-Blockers    (Alpha-adrenergic receptor antagonists)
          .  Doxazosin  (Cardura)
          .  Terazosin  (Hytrin)
          .  Trimazosin  (Minipress)
          .  Alfuzosin   (Uroxatral)
          .  Tamsulosin   (Flomax)

   -  5-Alpha-Reductase Inhibitors
          .  Finasteride   (Proscar)
          .  Dutasteride   (Avodart)

   -  Saw Palmentto

   -  Transurethral microwave thermotherapy

   -  TransUrethral Needle Ablation

   -  Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP)

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