Braxton Hicks Contractions are referred to as False Labor.

These contractions are of the Uterus and are considered apart of Childbirth but these contractions do not point to the beginning part of “going into labor“.

Can start as early as 6 weeks – these however are not typically felt by the mother.

These types of contractions are often felt in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of Pregnancy.

Not all pregnant females will feel these contractions during their pregnancy.



–  Tightening of the uterine muscle
–  Occurs for 1-2 minutes
–  May help prepare for birth
–  May be apart of the process of Cervical Effacement



Contractions that are:

–  Minimally painful to painless
–  Infrequent
–  Irregular


Things that can worsening the contractions

1.)  Dehydration
2.)  Full bladder
3.)  Certain movements


Factors to improve the contractions

–  Adequate hydration
–  Switching positions
–  Laying down
–  Rhythmic breathing
–  Urination

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