Carcinoma of the Breast – Male

A rare disease

1% occurrence when compared to that of  breast cancer in women.

Estimated that just over 2,000 new cases are diagnosed in the United States each year and 300 i n the UK.

Approximately 450 deaths annually in the US.

Average age is around 60

Prognosis is usually worse than for women.

BRACA2 are common in those with cancer

Usually a painless lump, mass or associated retraction.

Nipple discharge is rare but is a ominous finding

Risk Factors:

1.)  Radiation Exposure
2.)  Associated with Diagnosis of Klinefelter Syndrome
3.)  Exposure to female hormone Estrogen
4.)  Genetic
5.)  Obesity
6.)  Chronic Alcoholism

Ductal Carcioma is the most common type.   [Just like in women]

Inflammatory Carcinoma and Paget’s disease have been seen.

Spreads to the lymphatics and blood stream like female breast cancer.



-  Surgery
-  Chemotherapy
-  Radiation
-  Hormonal options