8 Exercises from NBA Trainer for the Sacramento Kings

The Video

The 8 Exercises to improve your Fitness

1.)   Medicine Ball Push-ups Variations

2.)  Medicine Ball Single leg Squats to Press

3.)  Doorway Row Variation

4.)  Valislide Hamstring Curls

5.)  Valislide Rollout Variation

6.)  Band Bicep Curl to Shoulder Press

7.)  Valislide Lunge

8.) Band Resisted Alternating Supermans


Jimmer Fredette Demonstrates Kings Workout (VIDEO)

Train with the pro who train the pros.

In the latest installment from Pro Hoop Strength, Jimmer Fredette demonstrates a workout used by the Sacramento Kings.
The workout targets a full range of motion using body-weight, common gym equipment, resistance bands, and medicine balls.
Kings strength and conditioning coach Dan Shapiro details the proper form for each exercise.


For more exercises, articles, advice and workouts directly from NBA strength and conditioning coaches and players, visit Pro Hoop Strength.

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Fitness 101

This is our new Category for Fitness –  It is still early and we have a ton of things to do. Give us feedback how to make things better. This will be essential.

Welcome to InterActive Health’s Newest Page about Fitness.

We have so many things planned that we are just beginning new things.

We will bringing on some new staff to help us as we expand – so treat them well.



Some of the things we will be working on includes: nutrition, exercises, weight-loss, and much more.

This will include some fitness coaching and some constipation.

We will also be starting a nutrition area as well as recipes.

Stay tuned for more fitness updates.


fitness workout








Exercises for Seniors-Fitness and Health










Here are some Fitness related Topics:

Watch out for Sleep — or not enough

Marathon – The running that actually will set you free

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