This region of the Brain plays an important aspect of body control.

The function of the cerebellum is as follows:

-  Sensory perception
-  Motor Control
-  Coordination
-  Muscle Control

The Central Nervous System of the Nervous system is the controlling system of this region of the brain.

It is located in the “hindbrain

Contains more then half of all neurons in the brain

More then 200 million fibers act as input triggers in the cerebellum.

Age causes change changes to the cerebellum including size, amount of white matter, and others.

Three Divisions

1.)  Anterior lobe
2.)  Posterior lobe
3.)  Flocculonodular Lobe


Deep Nuclei – is the main center of communication

Layers of the Cerebellar Cortex

1.)  Granular layer – innermost layer that contains 3 cell types

1.) Granule cells
2.) Unipolar brush cells
3.) Golgi cells

2.)  Purkinje layer – middle layer

Purkinje cells are found here that provides its only source of “output”.

Input can also be seen here as well.

3.)  Molecular layer

1.) Stellate  – synapse into Purkinje Cells
2.) Basket Cells – synapse into Purkinje Cells

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