Cervical Effacement

Cervical Effacement is the thinning of the Cervical Tissue of a women as her body prepares for delivery during Labor.

In addition, the thinning causes a shortening of the tissue that allows the infant drops closer to the cervix. This is often seen in the early portion of labor or Childbirth.

Prior to this transition, the cervix has a bottleneck appearance and is quite elongated. After the baby has engaged in the pelvis, it gradually drops closer to the CervixThe length is typically 4 cm.

Following Effacement is cervical dilation which allows for progression of a vaginal birth. Effacement is measured in percentages.

For example, when you are effaced 50% (exam required) – you are half way to being completely effaced.

When you are 100% effaced – your cervix is paper-thin and labor usually is very soon.

What is the Mucus Plug?

–  As Pregnancy continues or progresses, the cervix becomes tighter and a mucus plug is in place.

–  The mucus plug protects the environment of the uterus

–  During effacement – the cervical tissue becomes thinner and the mucus plug is loosened

–  It often continues until the mucus plug is passed out of the Vaginal Passage.

–  When this occurs it is called “bloody show

Percentages associated with Cervical Effacement

1.)  When effacement occurs – classification is done in percentage

2.)  Occurs for 0 – 100% effacement

3.)  When at 100% – the cervix is paper thin