Chalazion is a cyst that is found in the eyelid. It is also known as a meibomian gland lipogranuloma. It is caused by Inflammation of a blocked Meibomian Gland and is usually found on the upper eyelid.

They are different from styes or Hordeolum – they are not chronic and are usually painless. Can be seen in both children and adults.

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Symptoms of a Chalazion

–  Swelling of the eyelid
–  Sensitivity to light
–  Increased tearing of the eye
–  Heaviness of the eyelid

Treatment for Resolution of a Chalazion

1.)  Topical antibiotic eye drops

2.)  Topical antibiotic ointments

3.)  Will occasionally disappear without treatment

4.)  Warm compress to eye

When does a Chalazion need to be Opened and Drained?

–  If no improvement is seen despite treatment
–  Local anesthesia is given
–  A cut is made into the tissue
–  Material is expressed
–  Usually no scar is seen.

IMG_5494Surgery, a more invasive procedure, may be done in some cases:

–  Same day surgery for the untreatable Chalazion
–  Should be done by an Opthalmologist at an eye hospital.
–  The entire Chalazion is removed
–  Two ways to remove:
1.)  A cut through the back of the eye lid
2.)  A cut through the front of the eye lid
–  A scar may be present after surgery