Diabetes Challenge – Win $10,000


I love finding new and exciting websites that deal with several different aspects of health care.  I recently found this fantastic website dealing with Diabetes:


Since starting my own website regarding health care, medical informatics, blogging, and book reviews; I have been entranced by websites that are well put together.

To make things even better, I noticed that this website was holding a competition.  It is  called: The 2009 DiabetesMine Design Challenge and it all first began back in 2007.

It was initially designed as an answer to a question that was posed by the writer of this website. It then expanded to a more creative and organized concept. Last years winners received $10,000 dollars. Second prize for the “most original” took home $5,000. A third winner in the category of best design by someone under 18 or “kids category” grabbed $2,000. This year the prizes are the same.

I was hooked the moment I read about this contest.  And the amazing part, all that was required was, an “innovative new diabetes device or web application”.  This competition isn’t necessarily asking for a finished product but I am sure that would help improve your chances.


I read further and found that only a handful of participants were in the original competition.  I felt my chances were pretty good!!

My idea isn’t spectacular but it would be useful and helpful for my goal of interaction with health care and diabetes. So I started to tackle some brain storming issues and how to get things into place.

It worked well and I came up with an idea for an animation to explain the process of diabetes in a way that would be beneficial for someone who had just learned of their diagnosis. I am trying to work with students from Brigham Young University and their animation department.

I entered the competition and the results just came in recently.  I didn’t win. Often winning isn’t the most important thing for an entrepreneur but it certainly would have helped.

The amazing aspect is that over 150 teams entered the competition each with a design to improve diabetes health care and to win $10,000.

The winner for 2009 is LifeCase & LifeApp System. They designed an application that allows an iPhone to become an all encompassing glucometer and case with a controller for your pump built in. It appears that this system could work for any smartphone.


This was definitely a great opportunity and more importantly a fantastic competition that allows a group of people to express their concepts and ideas.

Please take some time to take a look at all the concepts for this year at www.diabetesmine.com

My own entry can be found at the following:  The Animation Dialogue

Unfortunately the competition has already been decided, at least for this year – but next year isn’t too far away and maybe you can be the next $10,000 winner!!!

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