Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer May Get Easier with a Blood Test

Research is currently looking into the possibility of a better way to diagnosis and potentially prevent a serious medical condition for women – Ovarian Cancer.

They are exploring the possibility that there may be a tumor marker in the Blood of those with Ovarian Cancer.

Early diagnosis of this cancer can be very difficult but essential. Symptoms aren’t often felt in the early stages of this cancer.

As Ovarian Cancer advances, it becomes harder and harder to treat. New research hopes the answers are in the blood.

The research is taking place in Chicago at the Rush University Medical Center. Initial research has been intriguing though additional studies are required before anything is certain can be documented.

So far it is believed that – Antibodies are found on the surface of the cancer cells. These same antibodies have been found in the blood of most of the women with ovarian cancer.This is why they are looking into the possibility of using blood to help with the diagnosis.

One large problems is that these same antibodies were also found with women who had previously known ovarian problems – but not necessarily cancer. This antibody could not be found in the majority of women with normal ovarian function and no ovarian cancer.

Typical treatment of ovarian cancer is to removed the Uterus and Ovaries completely. This often includes a complete Hysterectomy. This is usually done because the cancer is in an advanced stage.

Single ovary removal along with the Fallopian Tubes can also be seen. Following surgery chemotherapy is a possibility. Radiation is rarely used as a treatment.

If the cancer is diagnosed early – the five year survival is very high. If not, the survival rate is far lower. This points to the need of an additional resource to diagnosis Ovarian cancer in the early stages.

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