Medio-lateral-episiotomyEpisiotomy is a surgical incision that is done during Childbirth (in some but not all cases) to assist in delivery.

This incision occurs in the perineum and it enlarges the Vaginal Opening, done in 2 typical locations: at an angle near the vulva or mid-line.

It is a procedure that was commonly used over a decade ago and still has some use currently.

Countries such as India and Poland and several places in South America continue to practice this procedure in both routine births and more difficult ones.

Possible False Reasons for use:

–  Decrease perineal trauma during Childbirth
–  Decrease pelvis dysfunction
–  Decrease the amount of blood loss during procedure
–  Decrease fetus trauma

Reason for a Reduction in Use

–  Further studies show natural tears may be less traumatic
–  Increase amount of complications with episiotomy

When Episiotomy is Recommended

–  Shoulder Dystocia [shoulders are stuck]
–  Excess tearing
–  Very large baby
–  When a C-sections is not indicated but delivery is required
–  others

Sexual Activity

–  Sexual activity may be affected by this procedure
–  Intercourse may become painful and a decrease in lubrication
–  Difficulty may be seen for 18 months following childbirth
–  No change in arousal or orgasms are typically seen