Fibrocystic Breast

Fibrocystic Breast changes are breast lesions that are found in the breast that may initially appear to be concerning. Often these lesions are identified during self-breast examination, during a mammogram, or during a clinic visit examinations.

Fibrocystic Breast changes can also referred to as fibrocystic disease of the breast. After an examination, the finding of the lesion is that of benign changes of the breast tissue that indicate that these changes are not a risk to Breast Cancer.

These changes can be seen as cysts, fibrosis, or specific changes to duct tissue. This condition is very commonly seen in women ages 30-50 and can be seen in over 50% of women.


–  Breast lumps or feeling of lumpy mass
–  Pain or tenderness
–  Discomfort
–  Smooth feeling
–  Defined area of mass
–  Severity can vary

*** – Symptoms are often closely related to menstrual period and they may worsen during this time.

Additional Information

Estrogen, Progesterone, prolactin and other hormones may be cause agent as well as excessive alcohol consumption.

Symptoms can alleviate on their own which means some fibrocystic changes resolve over time.

Often women with fibrocystic breast changes are concerned regarding breast cancer and may choose a biopsy for a better understanding of what is going on.

Symptoms of fibrocystic condition may be similar to that of Breast Cancer therefore additional test may be appropriate to rule out breast cancer.


1.)  In some cases Mammograms are required

2.)  Yearly breast exam by clinical provider

3.)  Needle biopsy may be required or helpful