Finger in the Eye


Finger in the Eye – Here is how it started:

An interesting thing happened to me the other night. It was the middle of the night and I was sleeping and dreaming.  In my dream I was running away from something that felt very real.

As I ran quickly through a field, a beautiful open field, my arms were pumping and I was really moving. Suddenly a forest sprung up around me. Unseen creatures perching in the trees watched me

Suddenly something was moving towards me, from the darkness, at a velocity of overwhelming speed.  It was impossible to see, but it caused my hands to be thrown up in front of my face for protection.

At that same instant I suddenly awoke with searing pain in my left Eye.  My index finger of my left hand was stuck in my eye.  Apparently, while dreaming, my body reacted to my fear thus the painful result of having my finger in my eye.

I was wearing contacts and suddenly found my contact was now attached to my finger.  I also noticed some impressive burning in my eye.

I approached my mirror and I noticed a visible abrasion on the sclera or white part of my left eye.  It took several minutes before I could fall back asleep once I had removed my contacts and cleaned out my eye.

I have never before had such a reaction to a dream where I received some amount of injury.  I am fascinated though by the response to stimuli while sleeping that caused physical movement.

I was told by a clinical specialist that movement while dreaming is typically “micro-movement” and is quite uncommon for drastic movement in response to stimuli. It is very interesting.  And bonus – my eye is on the mends and no additional Blood in the eye will be seen by my co-workers and friends.

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