img_gall_bladder_illThe Gallbladder is a rather Simple Organ of the body. It is located just below the Liver.  It is pear shaped, and is hollow and it is where bile is stored. The bile is produced from the liver and arrives at the gallbladder via the common hepatic ductIt releases the bile through the common bile duct into the duodenum. Bile helps in the digestion of fat.

This organ is one of the most surgically removed organs that can happen generally, during pregnancy, or otherwise.

Function of Gallbladder

–  Its main function is acting as a storage facility of bile until it is needed.
–  Bile is produced in in the Liver.
–  The gallbladder is helpful in the Digestion Process especially fat digestion.
–  Food enters the digestive tract, triggering Bile to be released from the Gallbladder.
–  About 50mL of bile can be stored in the gallbladder
–  One of the triggers is Cholecystokinin (CCK) which allows for digestion of fat and protein
–  CCK is secreted from the Intestines and specifically the duodenum.

Gallbladder is divided into three sections

1.)  Fundus
2.)  Body
3.)  Neck

gallbladderanatAt the neck of the gallbladder sits the Hartmann’s Pouch.

This is a fold in the mucosa of the gallbladder and is where the majority of Gallstones get stuck.

Surgical removal of Gallbladder

–  The removal of the gallbladder rarely causes any concern or problems for the individual in the long run.
–  Removal of gallbladder is referred to as Cholecystectomy.

Take a look at some Medical Conditions that affect the Gallbladder

1.)  Choledocholithiasis – Gallstones in Common Bile Duct.

2.)  Cholelithiasis – The formation of gallstones

3.)  Cholestasis –  When the flow of bile from the liver slows.

4.)  Acute Cholecystitis –  Inflammation of the gallbladder