Common gynecologic diagnostic procedures:

1.)  Colposcopy

  • A procedure that allows for visualization of cervical and vaginal tissue by magnification.
  • Acetic acid can be used to visualize areas considered abnormal which require biopsy

2.)  D&C

  • Dilation of the cervix and curettage, by a metal tool with the goal of removing polyps and other procedures

3.)  Endocervical curettage 

  • Using curette to remove cervical tissue.
  • Used to diagnosis dysplasia and cancer

4.)  Endometrial biopsy

  • A process of removing areas of tissue.

5.)  Hysteroscopy

  • A small scope or camera that can be passed through the cervix.
  • Visualization, biopsy, and tissue removal can be preformed

6.)  Hysterosalpingography

  • An injection into the cervix to improve visualization due to a particular dye. (radiopaque)
  • Typically used to assess fertility difficulties.

7.)  Laparoscopy

  • The passing of a scope or camera into the abdomen or pelvic cavity through a small surgical incision in the skin.
  • Improves diagnostic capabilities and the treatment of many conditions