This condition refers to female appearing Breasts in an anatomical male.

Breast enlargement is the result of large mammary glands in a male

In Adolescents

When occurs prior to puberty and can be considered normal.

Can be confused with obesity.

In many cases in adolescents, this should resolve on its own.

In Adults:

Can be seem in those who use Anabolic steroids and Klinfelter’s syndrome

Other causes are as follows:

•      Obesity
•      Endocrine disorders
•      Some cancers
•      Several types of drugs can be involved
•      others


-    Glandular enlargement of breast tissue
-    Typically non-tender in adult
-    Can be more tender prior to puberty


Pre-puberty gynecomastia will resolve on its own.

Drug induced gynecomastia may resolve once affecting drug is stopped…but not always.

Surgical correction in some patients may be advisable.


•         Raloxifene
•         Tamoxifen
•         Letrozole
•         Anastrozole

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