Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease is a fairly common condition that is often seen in infants and children. It is much less commonly found in adults. This can be caused by several different viruses of the Picornaviridae family. A few examples are Coxsackie A virus and Enterovirus 7.

The incubation period for this condition is 3-7 days.

It can often be passed at school, during playing and other times children get together. It is more often seen in the Fall and Summer months but can be seen anytime of the year.

Adults usually have a strong enough immune system to prevent the infection. Adults with immune problems can present with symptoms of this disease.



–  Fever
–  Chills
–  Sores in mouth
–  Sores outside mouth
–  Sores on hands
–  Sores on feet
–  Sore throat
–  Headaches
–  Fatigue
–  Vomiting
–  Diarrhea
–  Sores or blisters on buttocks of small children and infants
–  Loss of appetite

*** – very small amount of neurological symptoms that may require hospitalization


–  No specific curative treatment – Time is king!
–  Keep children hydrated
–  Mouth washes to prevent pain
–  Tylenol for fever and IBU for pain
–  Baths may help reduce temperature.
–  If symptoms become alarmingly worse – seek medical treatment and evaluation.


Previous Deadly outbreaks – very uncommon

2009 – 17 deaths of children in China and 18 children in a neighboring province – over 115,000 infections

2008 – 42 deaths of children in China – 25,000 infections – March

2006 – 7 deaths in on island of Bornio – Sarawak

1998 – 78 deaths in Taiwan – 1.5 million infected

1997 – 31 deaths on island of Bornio – Sarawak