co0047-200x166Hordeolum is a condition of the eye and is more commonly known as a Stye. This condition is an infection or irritation of the sebaceous glands of the eye lid at the base of the eye lashes.

It can also be an infection of the aprocrine sweat glands of the eye. It is a acute development of a small, painful nodule or pustule.

Symptoms can be seen on the upper or lower eyelid. They are usually self limiting – meaning they will go away on their own after 7-10 days.

They are not typically noted as contagious.

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  –  Staphylococcus aureus – A bacteria found on the skin that gets into the gland itself


1.)  Internal

–  The inflammation and infection of the meibomian gland.
–  Pustular formation of that gland.

2.)  Extstyeernal

–  This is the common stye
–  Inflammation and infection of the glands of Moll or Zeis.
–  Pustular formation of that gland.


–  Lump on bottom or top eyelid
–  Swelling around eye
–  Pain around eye
–  Redness
–  Pustule noted
–  Discharge in eye or eyelashes
–  Blurred vision
–  Burning sensation of eye
–  Discomfort blinking
–  Light sensitivity
–  Others


1.)  Warm Compress to open pores or gland

2.)  Elective incision into area if no improvement is seen after 48-72 hours of warm compress.

3.)  Soaps – cleaning eye – avoid direct contact to eye

4.)  Antibiotics including eye drops in some cases.

*** – Avoid lotions, steroids, avoid excess makeup, avoid wearing contact lenses.