Increased stress on the cardiac wall causes enlargement

Can occur quickly but often occurs over time.

The left ventricle is usually more involved than the right ventricle of the heart

Is a leading cause for sudden cardiac death in children and young adults who are athletes.

Can be associated with genetics in some cases

Signs and Symptoms
   -    Trouble breathing
   -    Chest pain
   -    Chest discomfort
   -    Arrhythmias
   -    Sudden death in some athletes
   -    Heart murmur

EKG – Shows Levft ventricle hypertrophy.
    -   However almost ¼ of EKGs are normal

Chest X-ray – Is often normal or showing some cardiac enlargement
Echocardiogram is diagnositic and important
Cardiac MRI is often helpful


•         Beta-Blockers

•         Calcium Channel Blockers
                 -   Verapamil
                 -   Disopyramide (Norpace)
•         Diuretics

Septal Ablation


•      Some patients have a tramatic event even prior to knowing they have an enlarged heart
•      Others do well
•      Most take medication at tolerated for symptoms and to prevent worsening