Hypoglycemia1Hypoglycemia is a medical problem where the sugar (or glucose) in the bloodstream becomes to low.

This should not be confused with Diabetes or “Hyperglycemia” where the sugar is too high.

Hypoglycemia can be from a number of causes and can have many different symptoms depending on underlying cause and severity. A blood test is required for evaluation.

Typical blood sugar ranges are 65 – 99 MG/DL

Hypoglycemia happens when blood sugar is low. Diabetes is when blood sugar is extremely high. Sugar is required in all organs for production and this is especially true for the brain.

Potential Risks and Causes:

1.)  Over treatment of Diabetes often by taking too much Insulin
2.)  Excess insulin produced by body (hyperinsulinemia)
3.)  Error with Metabolism
4.)  Starvation
5.)  Medication problems
6.)  Excessive Alcohol
7.)  Poison
8.)  Hormone changes or deficiencies
9.)  Infections that cause metabolism or other hormone problems
10.)  Organ Failure
11.)  Hypopituitarism
12.)  Others


–  Shakiness
–  Anxiety
–  Sweating
–  Pale face
–  Cold skin
–  Dilated pupils
–  Nausea
–  Headache
–  Dizziness
–  Excessive hunger
–  Impaired judgement
–  Confusion
–  Vision changes
–  Seizures
–  and More



–  Blood tests
–  Blood sugar glucometer testing
–  A diagnostic – usually done at the hospital.
–  Urine test
–  CT or MRI scan to determine underlying cause.
–  Oral Glucose Tolerance Test – longer than usual (4 or 5 hours)


–  Largely depends on cause
–  Avoid overdosing of Diabetic medications.
–  Have better control over eating and proper nutrition.
–  Eating more often with smaller meals is recommended.
–  Carry candy or juice with you if unable to eat.
–  Cornstarch every few hours if approved by Provider


–  Raise blood sugar
–  Glucose tablets
–  Foods or drinks to raise blood sugar
–  IV fluids – Dextrose

**** If you take Acarbose – the prevents starch and other sugars from being broken down to monosaccharides.

–  These patients need to consume monosaccharide containing foods (glucose tablets, honey, juices)