Can be a result of dysfunction of the thalamus or pituitary gland.

Often the result is a decrease amount [secretion] of hormones from the pituitary gland.

Panhypopotuitarism is a term used to show a decrease in most of the eight hormones from the pituitary.

There is a lack of hormones or a hormonal deficiencies.

Is considered a rare disease.

Causes may include:
   •    Genetic causes
   •    Trauma
   •    Cysts
   •    Lesions
   •    Tumors
   •    Carcinomas   [Cancer]
   •    Others

Osteolytic bone lesions may be seen on X-ray
Hormones involved: Gonadotropin [LH, FSH], TSH, ACTH, GH deficiency

   -    Infertility
   -    Loss of body hair
   -    Decreased menses
   -    Fatigue
   -    Weakness
   -    Change in weight


– Surgery

– Dopamine agonists [Used for cancers called Prolactinomas]
.         Bromocriptine
.         Cabergoline

– Hormone Replacement
.          Hydrocortisone (Cortisol)   -   [Adrenal insufficiency]
.          Levothroxine -   [hypothyroidism]
.          Testosterone   -   [Male Hypogonadism]
.          Estradiol   -   [Female Hypogonadism]
.          others

– Followed by an specialist in Endocrinology

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