HypothalmusThe Hypothalamus is a small organ/gland that is found in a portion of the Brain.

It has a variety of responsibilities.

One of the most important responsibilities or function is to link of two main organ systems: The Nervous system and the Endocrine System.

It is located just underneath the Thalamus and above the Brain stem. It is considered about the size of an almond.

They ability of the hypothalamus is vast and amazing. It receives several signals from the body itself as well as outside sources.

Hypothalamus controls the following:

–  Hunger
–  Thirst
–  Body Temperature
–  Fatigue
–  Anger
–  Circadian cycles
–  Helps synthesize and secrete Neurohormones
–  Others

The following is a list of endocrine system hormones from the hypothalamus:

1.)  CRH

–  Corticotropin releasing hormone
–  Effects the anterior pituitary

2.)  TRH

–  Thyrotropin releasing hormone
–  Effects the thyroid

3.)  GnRH

–  Gonadotropin releasing hormone
–  Effects the anterior pituitary

4.)  GHRH

–  Growth hormone releasing hormone
–  Effects the anterior pituitary

5.)  Oxytocin

–  Effects female reproductive system

6.)  Vasopressin

–  Effects Kidneys

7.)  SS

–  Somatostatin
–  Stops release of hormones in the anterior pituitary [GH & TSH]

8.)  PIH or DA

–  Dopamine
–  Stops release of hormones from anterior pituitary [Prolactin & TSH]

9.)  PRH

–  Prolactin releasing hormone
–  Effects anterior pituitary [releases Prolactin]