Is it the right time for a medical change? Can we aford it – can we afford not too!


July 21st, 2009

This argument is both alarming and causes serious reflection with regards to the necessity of change to our health care system as we know it!!

Today President Barack Obama continued to push and request a revamp of our health care system.  Both parties continue to express their concerns about the specific changes that are needed for our country.

An August deadline continues to loom for a congressional decision and potentially a bill that would bring about specific changes to our health care system. The continual essential question that keeps surfacing must be:  Are we moving to fast?

But an additional question should be closely followed on behalf of the country: What should we expect will change and who will pay for it?.

President Obama and other Democrats insist that progress has been made in health care reformation idea.  In essence a bill would require all individuals to have health insurance and require all employees to provide it. In addition provisions would be granted to those who were classified as “poor” and whom no coverage allowed due to a “pre-existing” condition.

The main coverage would be for approximately 50 million people who don’t have health insurance currently. But many argue that a surtax to pay for the overall in medical expenses and the bold overhaul of health care could cost tax payers as much or more than $1 trillion dollars over the next several years.

Those that stand to be affected the most are those who make $250,000 dollars or more. They are in a higher tax bracket and thus should have to pay for more is argued by the current supporters of the present health care solution. The shock from the pure dollar value may be more than many conservative Democrats and Republicans can handle.


Another large piece of the argument is that many believe that for all the reported change and dollar amount – the result will be far less befitting of the promises that have been made. Many surmise that if this change is approved and after the changes are made – we will end up no further along than our current position.

It is as if we are driving a ship into a current and after several hours of intense labor we find ourselves fatigue, overspent and not having gained any ground.

Is the change proposed where the change needs to be?

Increasing support for a change in regulations for private insurance companies may be another and more beneficial option. The amount of increasing co-pays and insurance premiums while balancing a decrease in medical coverage cause anger and outrage of many. Why should families and individuals be denied health care coverage!!!

The only reason they are denied is to protect the profits of an insurance company. Many believe that purchasing health care should not be restricted to employment alone.

The poll numbers

Obamacare is being touted as the next change and drew a large amount of support, at least initially. Over the last several weeks that support has begun to diminish. As recently as this week Washington Post/ABC reported a 49% approval rating for the President and a 44% disapproval. This is a drastic change from the 57% approval and 29% disapproval that was given back in April.

Many surmise that timing, additional  information, the economy, and the overall substance of the health care plan could be to blame. The majority of American due agree that Health care as we currently know it needs to change. How that change and when that change is to begin is the thing that sets many apart.


A recession or economic downturn may take almost no time at all. An overall in our health care system can not be done in mere months or weeks.

If we continue to push hard, too quickly we will be must worse off in the near future.  A potential $1 trillion dollar mistake with only regret will be our reward.

It may be the right time to change but I fear that we may not be able to afford the financial toll proposed at this point.  


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3 Responses to Is it the right time for a medical change? Can we aford it – can we afford not too!

  1. DavieJ says:

    Too fast? YES. Way too fast. Very few people have read this 1,000+ page legislation, even the legislators themselves! Are we insane? Who is going to look at this thing and pull out all of the financial pitfalls, loopholes, non-constitutional mandates? The author is correct to have concerns with the extreme expedience with which this bill is being pushed: this can not be done in mere months. If it is, we shall expect many surprises. Especially measures to force partisan agendas through the door.
    Abortion, partial-birth abortion and the like have already been revealed. What else is lurking?

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  2. Van4U says:

    I am not convinced we are not heading in the right direction. Something has to be done. I don’t have insurance and although I am healthy – what if something goes wrong. I’ve tried to get insurance through school – will see if it works out – but otherwise, I am stuck and out of luck

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  3. Cincy4-1 says:

    I disagree! This is the correct time to allow a change in health care. We spend millions of dollars on things that are unimportant or at the very least – less important. 46,000 people die yearly because they don’t have insurance. A direct result!!! Something needs to change

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