Is there a relationship between vaccinations and certain diseases such as Autism?


Autism is a very explosive and sensitive topic for many. It is a condition that affects the neurological framework. Some are wondering is there is a relationship between vaccines and autism?

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that the cause is unknown. Imagine a child who is progressing cognitively, as expected, and is everything that is hoped for. Then one day that world crashes down around them and their family.

It starts by some minimal behavior changes and soon the child once familiar is no longer the same child.



Several signs seen in Autism:

1.) There is often a decreased or impaired ability in social interactions with family members, schoolmates, and others.

2.) There are a varied amount of decreased communication skills.

3.) Many have difficulty with eye contact.

4.) There may be increased speech difficulties.

5.) Often children are fixated on objects.

6.) Repetitive movements or sounds which can vary widely from head swinging to screaming .


Vaccine Involved

The vaccine in question is against measles, mumps and rubella

Many people who receive the vaccine will never develop autism, while others see a specific link to the vaccination in question.

This debate will continue to be held both privately and publicly.

One thing is certain, our knowledge about the cause of autism is still minimal and further understanding is essential.


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