The kidneys are bean-shaped organs about the size of a fist that is found within the abdominal cavity. Normally, each individual has two kidneys are each outer sides.

The Kidneys are organs that filter blood, remove waste and extra water to make urine. They are essential in the function of both the Male and Female urinary systems.

There are typically two kidneys found within the human body – one on each side of the abdomen – near the flank. Their shape is similar to a crescent moon [somewhat].

Above each kidney, is another organ, called the Adrenal Gland. The kidney receives blood from the heart from the renal arteries. Within the kidney, the blood further divides into smaller arteries. Blood enters the Bowman’s capsule which contains glomerulus to allow for filtration.

Molecules such as water, glucose, urea, sodium chloride, protein [amino acids], and others are filtered further into the kidney to the nephron. The fluid follows a pathway through the following.

This organ is also heavily involved in the Endocrine system and function.

Functions of the Kidney:

–  Balance of fluids throughout the body
–  Filtration of fluids and wastes
–  Secretion of wastes as needed
–  Control levels of certain molecules found within the blood
–  Secretion of certain hormones as required
–  Urine production
–  and more


–  Proximal tubule
–  Loop of Henle
–  Distal convoluted tubule

****Some items may be Reabsorbed back into the body, if necessary

Hormones are also important in function and control within the kidney

1.) Aldosterone – this stimulates sodium re-absorption.

–  And because the sodium is reabsorbed, water is reabsorbed.

2.) Antidiuretic hormone – this stimulates water re-absorption

3.) Renin – Actives the “Renin-Angiotensin System

–  This system helps regulate blood pressure and fluid balance.

4.) Erythropoietin – this stimulates the production of blood cells

Importance of the Kidney

The many functions of the kidneys are essential in the balance of the body.

Without adequate renal function then pH, blood pressure, electrolytes, wastes, blood control such can be out of balance.

The Kidney is essential at helping control Blood pressure