Knee Pain from a Hockey Injury

Knee Pain from a Hockey Injury is an understatement. I was looking for a good photo to add to a blog I was writing when I came across this knee injury.

You can seen the bruising and Inflammation.

This hockey injury happened as a result of a puck that hit Sami Lepisto during a hockey game.

He played for the Chicago Blackhawks.

To make things even worse, Chicago was eliminated from the playoffs by the Phoenix Coyotes, shortly after this injury.

This pictures comes from a tweet that was done by Sami Lepisto himself:  “This is why I shouldn’t be blocking slap shots!”

Let’s also take a look at the play that was believed to be the one where this injury occurred.

But, any way you look at it…I’m glad that leg isn’t mine!  Ouch!

Please sure to add a comment if you have had a similar injury!

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