Let Human Testing Begin!!!

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Swine flu vaccines are now beginning the trial stages.  It is time for volunteers to step up for testing. Let human testing begin.

The Swine flu also referred to as H1N1 has been classified as a pandemic situation.

Several bio-pharmaceutical companies have been creating a vaccine. Emory University’s Hope Clinic appears to be starting human testing today.

Approximately 25 volunteers will be seen and evaluated today. Each will receive an injection of the vaccine. This will continue for the next 5 days. Another 25 volunteers will be seen each of the additional 5 days.

The goal is to test the safety of this vaccine. They will also be concerned regarding the number of doses needed. Full immunity is the goal of this trial.

Many researchers and medical providers are concerned that the Swine flu will return this fall with increased resistance and swiftness of illness. This alarming concern has many willing to be ready to accept the Swine flu vaccine.



Sanofi Pasteur and others

French drug maker Sanofi Pasteur will begin testing on 2,000 individuals this week in the United States. This will make them the third company initiating testing.

Novartis AGwill be starting their testing this week as well in Great Britain, Germany and in the United States. They will be testing around 6,000 volunteers

CSL from Australia stared testing its vaccine last month

Adjuvants will be added to dosing from Sanofi Pasteur and Novartis


Aethlon Medical

Is a medical company that will be initiating testing on a medical device called the Hemopurifer. 

This device will apparently absorb viruses and toxins from the Blood stream.

Currently this device has been used capturing a reconstructed Spanish Flu virus and the avian influenza virus (Bird flu)


CDC guidelines

Last week – the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning or guideline for school closures and cleaning.

It appears that the CDC would like to focus on cleaning and prevention of the Swine flu rather then complete school closures. An although this may be an option for some schools it appear that it will not be the standard.

But when a child does become sick they should miss school and they should be allowed to return to class as early as 24 hours following the absence of a fever.


August 7th numbers

In the United States – at least 6500 hospitalizations from Swine flu

436 deaths attributed to the Swine flu

Over 1 million Americans have been affected with the disease


The Future

Many believe that a large amount of new cases will be seen starting this fall.  The hopes are that a new mutation won’t be seen but it appears to early to tell.

Medical providers and such appear to be in line for the first available approved vaccine.

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