Ligaments are “connective tissues” that hold the Skeletal System together at individual Joints.

Ligaments are divided into 3 categories

-  Articular ligaments
-  Fibrous ligaments
-  True ligaments

Ligaments do not connect muscle Muscular – that is done by tendons

Ligaments are considered “elastic” and when a dislocation happens, then it must be set into place very quickly.

The ligament can lengthen beyond proper length that will cause future problems and potential chronic dislocations.

“Double-Jointed” individuals have a more elastic ligament – this allows stretching to go further.

Ligaments often becomes damaged or broken – this is due to trauma, and sports or work related injuries.

Important note:  Not all damaged ligaments require surgery.

Those who do require surgery may have joint replacement or alignment of the ligament depending on location and severity.

Osteoarthritis may result following surgery or when surgery is not performed.

This is a wearing of the cartilage that leads to Arthritis.

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